Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thanks a lot, Kenny Chesney

So, yesterday I got a cease & desist email from Kenny Chesney's peeps - apparently he's not too fond of his name being attached to poorly drawn marker drawings by a bored thirty-something. So, in accordance with the law, the name of my blog has now changed to Markerpiece Theater.

For the record "Kenny Chesney Serious" is a phrase my best bud Hannah came up with to describe times when you're completely serious about something utterly ridiculous. Its like how Kenny Chesney sings, totally seriously, that a woman thinks his tractor is sexy and it really turns her on when he's out there in pukkas and a sleeveless t-shirt, tilling up the land on his john deere.

I'm currently accepting ideas for new blog names if you've got any good ideas.



  1. Ah man that sucks! Your blog made me want to listen to Kenny Chesney, now not so much...also it made me realise there's another Chesney besides Chesney Hawkes...

  2. I guess I'm a real threat to the Chesney empire :)

  3. I vote for Chenny Kesney.

  4. You should devote this blog to parody drawings of Kenny Chesney 100% of the time from now on.

  5. This blog looks different! Nice to see all colorful drawings of Kenny Chesney! I love to listen to music and have ordered Kenny Chesney tickets from GoodSeatTickets